Which brand is good for meat grinder

We all know that their own minced meat is quite a troublesome thing, at home to do food with a good cost-effective meat grinder, for us to do food, convenient a lot. For example: chopped dumplings, chopped chili sauce, etc., especially when the family has a baby, the production of “baby food” this difficult task, then the meat grinder to buy what brand is good, which is cost-effective?
Well-known brands are known to everyone, in fact, choose what brand is really not important, the basic function are similar. And different price point of the meat grinder in the material as well as the knife head, gear, power are not quite the same, for the practicality of how, we next say Honde brand meat grinder.

For meat grinder does not need too much fancy design, this stainless steel body and bright diamond glass bowl 2 parts, simple and generous appearance, and equipped with a double layer of four knives, four-dimensional S-shaped design, can be in the up and down cycle multi-angle three-dimensional chopping ingredients to enhance the efficiency of a lot of meat grinder, blades and shafts are made of stainless steel, not only strong but also very durable.

Glass bowl 2L capacity, about a time you can strand 1 ½ pounds of meat, basically meet the needs of a family of four, high efficiency and energy saving.
Professional meat grinder can also be used to grind peppers, garlic, nuts, fruits, vegetables and so on. If only for grinding meat is too wasteful, with it after the dumpling meat filling, or eat chili sauce, jam, you can easily do it yourself at home.


For the meat grinder is also very important to fix, using a half pack of frosted design, increased friction to effectively prevent slippage; can also prevent fingerprints left behind. Manipulation has fast and slow two gears, in the production of ingredients, you can choose the texture of the ingredients according to the softness, meat and nuts can choose high-speed gear while chili and vegetables with low-speed gear.

With coaxial drive motor, all-steel silent ball bearings to reduce gear tooth movement, so as to enhance the power, the use of a lot less noise. 6mm thickened bright diamond glass bowl, using the door arch process and bright diamond texture, three-dimensional disturbance, efficient stranding, wear-resistant and durable, after use is also very easy to clean.
There are also many good and cost-effective meat grinder, the following recommendations.


Double four-dimensional blade

Electric stainless steel fully automatic, 2L large capacity, self-braking device, hidden child lock, steel machine steel shaft, shaft with a more wear-resistant metal card interface design, longer machine life, recommended reasons l large capacity to meet the needs of the whole family, thickened glass bowl for easy cleaning, more than just will grind meat, a machine multi-purpose.

Smooth operation

Pure copper motor, removable double-layer four-leaf steel knife, multi-blade multi-angle uniform chopping, cutting out the meat filling delicate, human body mechanics head, smooth operation, safe and reliable. 8 seconds fast grind meat, 2L large capacity tempered cup, hidden child lock, unlock the head and cup cover to touch the switch, not afraid of children accidentally injured.

Small voice and big function

Multi-function chopper mincer mixer small, two-position micro switch, small voice function, spiral S-shaped meat grinder knife, simulating the principle of manual fast chopping meat, all copper wire motor stirring torque more powerful, wing spiral S-shaped meat grinder knife, higher efficiency more uniform, 1.75L thickened glass, wear-resistant and durable, 304 stainless steel interface speed steady low noise.
There is a very important reason for using a meat grinder, it is more convenient to do things yourself, eat clean, sanitary, but also allows you to improve your cooking skills.

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