How to choose your bedroom furniture

For those who are setting up a new home, then how do you choose the right furniture for your bedroom? The bedroom is the most romantic living space for an individual, and it is also the place where personal style can be most reflected. Choose a beautiful and practical set of bedroom furniture, will make the sweet life more healthy and beautiful.

Bedside table

Bedside table should be neat and practical, not only can you put a lamp, mirror frame or small vase, but also let you in bed can also be convenient to put any items needed. The cabinet surface of the bedside table should be enough to put down a lamp, an alarm clock, a few books and common items such as glasses and mugs. Choose a nightstand with drawers and dividers, so your books and glasses can be put in the drawers when not in use, and the mess can be \”swept away\” to look much neater. Keep the desktop neat and tidy, in case tea is accidentally spilled, it is also easy to clean up.

In addition, check whether the drawers and pulls are smooth and work well. From the price point of view, solid wood is stronger than the board, the grade is also higher.

Dressing table

From the function of the dressing table there is no need to doubt that it is definitely the corner of the bedroom that is most likely to look cluttered. The solution is to make it with more drawers. Don\’t forget the matching stool when buying a dressing table, it is the best way to ensure that the height of the stool matches the cabinet, otherwise it will bring you great inconvenience. Most vanity tables are equipped with a mirror, generally designed to be located above the desktop. However, there is also a single match hanging on the wall. If this is the case, we should pay attention to how the mirror is convenient for makeup, such as making it push-pull and foldable. If there are some small drawers under the countertop, it will be convenient to store jewelry and other things out and put in. Makeup table is best to paint over, easy to clean. In this way, makeup spilled on the table does not cause damage. The drawers under the table top should be arranged properly to leave enough space for the user\’s legs, which must be measured with the body.


What kind of mattress is best to choose should start from the function of the mattress. The function of the mattress is to ensure that consumers get a healthy and comfortable sleep, a good mattress has two standards: one is that no matter what kind of sleep position, the spine can keep straight stretch; two is equal pressure, people lying on it the whole body can be fully relaxed. This involves the softness of the mattress. The softness of the mattress depends on the softness of the inner spring. Spring should play a supporting role in addition to the necessary hardness, but also should be very good resilience, that is, the so-called rigid and soft. Too hard or too soft, rebound is not ideal. Too hard mattress people lying on it is only the head, back, hips, heels of the four points to bear the pressure, the other parts of the body did not completely fall into place, the spine is actually in a stiff and tense state, not only to achieve the best rest effect, and sleep on such a mattress for a long time will also be detrimental to health. Too soft mattress, a person lying whole body sunken down, the spine for a long time in a bent state, the internal organs caused by compression, over time, the same is not good for health, and not comfortable. So should choose a soft and hard mattress.



Closet can do \”top of the sky\”, 100% of the use of space, flexible internal partition combination, to solve the problem of small storage space. According to the need for reasonable combination and use of space, and has a decorative interior, practical closet doors and other roles.


Wooden more warm, but also easy to accept. If you like to highlight the personality, you can use metal plate or glass.


Wooden plate price is moderate, and not too troublesome to take care of. Glass will be more troublesome when punching holes, the price is also a little more expensive.

Want to clean up clothes, in the purchase or custom closet stage should consider their own clothes category, see which clothing bias, the corresponding increase in space. For example, people who prefer long dresses and coats, you can leave a larger space to hang long clothes; and more casual clothes can be configured more layer rack, stacked clothing.


Bedroom bed mainly has double bed, single bed two kinds:

The size of the double bed is mainly: 150CM * 190CM, 180CM * 200CM.

Single bed size is 90CM * 190CM and 150 * 190CM.

Hongde furniture factory can customize bed sizes for bedroom

Distinguished from the type of workmanship:

Beds mainly have board, iron, wood, steel and wood combination of several; board bed cheap, simple style; iron classical, slightly expensive.

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