How do I choose a good meat grinder

The working principle of meat grinder.

There is no meat grinder before, people have to use knives to cut the meat into pieces, and then chopped into a small piece a small piece, and keep chopping, time-consuming, noisy, and likely to chop out the meat is still not uniform.

The meat grinder is driven by electric drive blade rapid rotation of chopped food, generally a dozen seconds to complete.

The core structure of the meat grinder
Meat grinder mainly consists of five core components: gear, metal motor, cup cover, blade, switch container cup.

Classification of home meat grinder
Home meat grinder can be divided into two categories: one is manual, the other is the motor.


Manual meat grinder

The market is basically a hand-pull type, the operation will be more trouble, more laborious, simply put, is to use the hand instead of the motor meat grinder. But the container wall is generally plastic, with a long time easy to dirty and broken.

Electric meat grinder

The principle is to use a motor to drive the blades to quickly rotate and shred food, shredded into meat in a very short time, often more than ten seconds to complete, and completely without the need to cut their own hands.

Meat grinder function
At present, the meat grinder has four main functions, namely grinding meat, minced vegetables / condiments, peeling garlic, children\’s food

Grind meat, minced vegetables, children\’s food will not say, peeling garlic can be considered a hidden skill, this is much more convenient than by hand, but to change the head, with a similar meteor hammer head to do.

The most important how to buy a meat grinder
5 elements that affect the use of meat grinder, these 5 elements basically determine the good or bad of a meat grinder, they are: the size of the container, the container material, machine power, gear and the number of blades.


1. container size

Meat grinder container size can be divided into four grades: 1L-3L, 5L, 6L, 10L, 12L or more.

Generally speaking, buy a 2L-6L is enough, you can strand 1.5 pounds of meat at a time, the family of three or four completely more than enough, and the meat grinding time is very fast, a dozen seconds to complete.

2. Container material

General cup material has 3 kinds, respectively, 304 stainless steel, glass, plastic.

3. power size

General meat grinder power 200W, 200-300W and more than 300W, although the higher the power, the more power, but 300W is enough, then there is no need.

4. The number of blades

Generally have a double page and 4-blade blade, buy mainstream four-blade blade can be. Too much is not easy to clear, too little will be relatively less effective.

5. gears

Basically, the current meat grinder will have 2 gears, slow and fast, slow gear, mainly used to stir softer ingredients, such as vegetables, eggs, etc.; fast gear is mainly used to stir harder ingredients, such as meat, potatoes, etc..


Based on the above five factors, you can follow the steps below one by one to examine whether the home meat grinder is suitable for you.

1, look at the material.

Meat grinder is in direct contact with the food, so the material is particularly important, preferably food-grade. If it is plastic, must be PP material, is the kind of baby bottle material. If it is stainless steel, it should be 304 stainless steel, this stainless steel is also food-grade.

2, look at the function.

Meat grinder at home is not simply to grind meat, after all, only this one function, then its idle rate will be very high, so it is best to have a variety of functions, you can grind meat, cut vegetables, play jam, grind dry powder, etc.. But the need to pay more attention when buying, multifunctional set in one will not weaken each function.

3, listen to the noise.

Noise is also an indicator to pay attention to when buying and selling, by listening to the noise can roughly understand the performance of the meat grinder is good. General performance of the meat grinder motor is generally good quality, fast running but not very noisy.

4, look at the details.

Details are also important, it is related to the subsequent use of the experience, or buy back there will be a bunch of trouble. For example: often busy in the kitchen mothers know how important the ease of cleaning kitchen supplies.

Therefore, in the trial of home meat grinder, do not pay attention only to the product grinding effect, ignore the examination of the home meat grinder easy to clean.

Usually recommend that you try to buy accessories removable, no easy to clean dead ends of the home meat grinder products.

5, observe the working condition.

If it is in the store, you can observe the working state of the meat grinder. Observe the home meat grinder in the work can maintain a low noise and less vibration, whether the meat can be more quickly and evenly grinded, no uneven size of meat particles.

6, the feeling of operation.

If the store, the best hands-on operation of the product, so you can not only learn how to use the home meat grinder, but also focus on understanding the operation of the home meat grinder feel, it is recommended that we operate through the experience of buying and selling flexible operation, high security products.

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