About the different kinds of meat grinders

Meat grinder is the meat, chili, garlic and other objects for processing and stirring machine, different kinds of meat grinder installed engine power is different, the speed of rotation is also different, can stir the degree of object is also different, the following we will introduce you to the different kinds of meat grinding power and suitable for use place.

Home use electric meat grinder

There are two styles of glass and stainless steel, small size, easy to use cleanup, does not occupy a place, the engine power between 200-400W, due to the small space area shipments are limited, suitable for home stirring meat, chili, garlic, etc.

Manual meat grinder

Manual meat grinder in the absence of electricity can still be used normally, the need to fix the table to rely on manual stirring, small and convenient easy to clean, affordable, suitable for household and hotel power outages temporary use.

Commercial meat grinder

Commercial meat grinder can be divided into many models, such as the usual hotel use are between 15-30 type, the engine power is generally between 800-7000W, the normal use of the 3000W 20 or so can be, the size of the meat grinder speed, for chicken feet, meat, chili, and other general categories of soft meat can be grinded, suitable for the hotel some need to grind the right amount of meat places to use.

Automatic meat grinder

Automatic meat grinder is generally more common is the commercial meat grinder, in the original ordinary commercial meat grinder device on the high temperature automatic power-off device, effectively prevent the high-end overheating caused by fire and other accidents, higher safety.

Large capacity meat grinder

Large meat grinder is the same as the ordinary meat grinder, larger in size, can mix more meat at one time, greater shipments, engine power between 300W-750W, suitable for use in large food processing plants.

Matters needing attention

When plugged into the power supply began to rotate is not easy to put your hand too close to the blade, because to maintain a certain distance, not easy to let children close to avoid cutting stories occur.
Grind meat finished because of timely cleaning, to avoid meat stink and other health problems caused by disease.

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